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O.E. Enterprises

North Canton,  OH 
United States
  • Booth: 2235

DIVER SAFETY should be the Primary Concern for all DIVERS

O.E. ENTERPRISES/OCEANEARS is the LEADING MANUFACTURER of Acoustic Diver Recall Systems, Diver Signaling Devices and underwater speakers for use in the Diving Industry (Sport, Commercial and Military) around the World.  DIVER SAFETY must be a primary concern for Dive Operators around the WORLD and OCEANEARS diver recall products will help bring dive operators into the 21st CENTURY concerning DIVER RECALL in the Dive Accident Response Plan.  Banging on the dive ladder with a lead dive weight should be a part of HISTORY and NOT as a response in the 21st CENTURY.  

NEW U.S. NAVY APPROVED Diver Recall System - OCEANEARS DRS-8-003/SA430 PATRIOT Acoustic Diver Recall System --  4.1 RECALL/ONE-WAY COMMUNICATIONS  Equipment # 4.1.6 Category II  (ACTIVE) on "ANU LIST".  Sirens of the Sea!

OCEANEARS is a GOLD SPONSOR with the ADPA (Association of Diving Program Administrators) and is helping promote Diver Safety in the diving programs at Aquariums around the USA.

The HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL NON-EXPLOSIVE OCEANEARS DSD-6E Acoustic Diver Signaling Device is used by U.S. MILITARY and Foreign Military Dive Teams around the World.  

Diver Safety is NO ACCIDENT.





  • DACS - Diver Acoustic Communication System
    The NEW DACS Diver Acoustic Communication System allows divers to communicate without the need for the divers to wear a receiver. Operates in the audio range of hearing and NOT single side band....

  • The DACS uses OCEANEARS underwater speaker technology to allow divers to communicate without the need to wear a receiver.

    All surrounding divers within range will hear the VOICE transmissions.  The system is simple and utilizes the following:

    (1)  KIRBY MORGAN Full Face Mask with waterproof microphone

    (2)  Power  amplifier, transformer and 12 VDC battery installed in waterproof PVC Housing mounted on side of tank with pony bottle mount.

    (3)  PUSH to TALK SWITCH --  Unit only consumes power when PUSH to TALK is pressed to power up the system.

    (4)  OCEANEARS Underwater Speaker to project voice transmissions into the water.

  • OCEANEARS DEFENDER Acoustic Diver SignalingDevice
    The OCEANEARS SA361 DEFENDER Acoustic Diver Signaling Device is a more powerful version of our OCEANEARS DSD-6E Acoustic Diver Signaling Device....

  • The OCEANEARS SA361 DEFENDER Acoustic Diver Signaling Device operates on an internal rechargeable 12 VDC gel cel battery.   The siren driver is 100 Watts.  The unit comes with our OCEANEARS DRS-6E underwater speaker with 25 feet of cable.  RECALL RANGES with two tones is 2000 feet.  NO RECEIVER is required to hear the recall tones (YELP and WAIL).  Unit comes with a YELLOW 1450 PELICAN CASE for system storage.  ONE YEAR WARRANTY.  MADE in USA.

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