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Dive with PETER, Dive the easy way!

PETER Diving System® - Dive without tanks on you back.

The tank is attached to the float while you dive e air hose.

Easy as snorkeling, as exciting as SCUBA.

Innovation towards simplicity bringing together the safest, lightest, most compact and versatile diving system with endless possible applications.

  • End-user: PETER Diving System offers a rendez-vous with underwater wildlife through a direct experience in which one can enjoy diving with complete confidence and peace of mind.
  • Dive operators:  Adding the PETER Diving concept to to your dive or watersport operation will encourage snorkelers to progress to SCUBA diving via this safe and enjoyable transitional experience. PETER Diving is a safe investment which provides a quick return.
  • Yachts: The best solution for users of yachts and sailing boats. A complementary leisure item within the range of water toys also serving as a highly useful tool for the ship’s crew, simplifying underwater maintenance tasks and emergencies. The ultimate addition to the yacht charter toy range.