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Dive Georgia

White,  GA 
United States
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Only Open Water Dive Resort In Georgia & Analox Analyzers

Kraken Springs is an in-land open water training facility in North Georgia. We are unique in the fact that we can support both recreational and technical diving! The water has shallow depths for recreational diving and 160 feet of depth for technical training and dives! We rent doubles, back plates, hang bottles, rebreathers, 7mm, 5mm, and drysuits, as well as being able to provide custom EAN blends up to 100% O2! Kraken Springs has many underwater features, including a Confined Open Water Platform, Open Water Platforms, Deep Platforms (100' and 150'), boats, steam shovel, bus, and much much more!

Kraken Springs - - 404-596-8181 -


Analox Sensor Technology is now recognised as a world leader in the design and manufacture of gas sensors and analysers, with 350 years of collective, specialist mechanical, electronics and software engineering expertise.

Analox Sensor Technology was founded in 1981 and provides niche and custom gas detection solutions for several industries including beverage and hospitality, commercial diving, laboratories, medical environments and agriculture.

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