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Interspiro, Inc.

Pleasant Prairie,  WI 
United States
  • Booth: 574

See our AMU listed light weight surface supply system


• Interspiro began as a part of AGA, founded in 1904 by Nobel Prize winner Gustaf Dalén.

 In 1912 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his "invention of automatic regulators.

Many of our breakthroughs have become industry standard

  • 1948 Singel hose face mounterd regulators for diving  
  • 1965 300 bar ( 4,350 PSI )  technology was introduced
  •  1971 Positive pressure dive masks  was invented with high flow cpacity, ANU listed.  ( Approved for Navy Use ) 
  •  1991 Full 300 Bar  composite cylinders. ( The first composite cylinder approved by DOT  for underwater use.
  •  2003 High pressure light weight surface supply system  Approved for Navy Use  2008  

The IS MIX is Interspiro's military re-breather system for dive operation down to 120 meters  and the OX10 is our oxygene re- breather for shallow depts.

At DEMA we will introduce the mask mounted  LAWS ( The Low air Warning System )  for the first time 

 Today our dive equipment is used by Military, Public safety and Professional  divers all over the world. Interspiro is  100% owned by  the US based  Ocenco Group and our headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

(See Interspiro's webpage

 Additional Info

Brand Name 1
Divator MK II dive mask. Approved for Navy use with safety pressure ,Hatch and HUD .
Brand Name 2
Divator MK II. 1st stage regulator with reserve air valve
Brand Name 3
Divator MK III Dual 1st stage regulator integrated in one unit.
Brand Name 4
RS 4 1st stage safety pressure regulator to ensure no freezing
Brand Name 5
OX 10 Closed circuit re-breather
Brand Name 6
IS MIX Mixed gas semi closed re-breather system
Brand Name 7
DP1-2 Light weight surface supply system,( Approved for Navy Use 2008)
Brand Name 8
Ibsophone Dive communication system.