Hydraulics International

Chatsworth,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 2228

PORTABLE 4,500-psi O2 and 10,000-psi N2 Gas Booster Systems

Manufacturer and Designer of AIR and ELECTRIC Driven Booster System rated to 10,000-psi for Breathing Air/N2 and 4500-psi for Oxygen service. Ideal for filling or topping off cylinders, Nitrox and Trimix gas mixing and other dive market related applications. Each unit is capable of boosting from as low as 50-psi up to cylinder maximum pressure rating. Ideal for maximizing the use of the GAS in storage cylinders resulting in an increase in the number of complete SCUBA fills per storage cylinder. Reduces fill times by eliminating the need to cascade air storage cylinders. All products are Proudly made in the USA.