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Have a brand new experience with DIVEVOLK Diving Assistant

DIVEVOLK® is a high-tech enterprises who designs,manufactures and provides innovative underwater intelligence and safety related device, systems, services and platforms. The company is committed to providing customers with brand new underwater experience, come up with an ingenious wearable intelligent diving assistant system. 

DIVEVOLK® Diving Assistant is the future of underwater image, communication and entertainment. It releases all phone functions underwater and apps can be used as on land. Including the innovative diving touchscreen housing, earphone and wireless controlled strobe, it brings divers and water sport enthusiasts’ brand new experience: touchscreen input, audio output, safety alarm, diving signals, compass, surface orientation, underwater interaction, etc. Most importantly, it builds an open platform so unlimited number of safety and interesting diving apps can be developed with the system. 

Most underwater gears are bulky, but DIVEVOLK Diving Assistant is extremely compact and lightweight, which is fit for all divers.