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Peter Diving International, S.L.

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PETER Diving System - The partner your company needs

Our commitment is to help you...

  • earn more
  • sell better
  • differentiate from the competition
  • make your diving operation easier
  • improve your reputation
  • create more divers

Learn more about our value proposition for diving operations and estimate your break even time and profit by using the financial simulation here => 

We'd love to discuss this opportunity for collaboration further, click here to book a meeting with us at DEMA Show 2019.

 Show Specials

  • - Only for orders confirmed during DEMA Show 2019 -

    Product & shipping:

    • 2 x PETER Tours Kits - Includes two units to take 6 customers diving simultaneously, always to be supervised by 2 certified dive guides.
    • 1 x Kids Pack - Including a shorter hose system that limits the maximum depth to 10 ft. and 3 extra small weight-belts for the smaller ones.
    • 1 x Full Service Kit - Including spares and repair kits to perform 2 complete servicing rounds to a unit.
    • Free shipping world-wide.

    US$ 6,200

    10% discount + free-shipping!

    Estimate your break even time, the profit to be made in the first 6 months and the rest of free services and materials that we offer to our business customers here =>

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  • PETER Diving System

    Hookah diving provides diving operations with a new market opportunity by creating new revenue streams while it helps bringing in loyal customers to the industry, new certified scuba divers....

  • PETER Diving System uses compressed air cylinders like a SCUBA system but utilises long air lines that allow the tanks to remain on the surface while the divers explore the world below the waves.

    No need for buoyancy control devices and with the safety that comes from being attached to a floating object on the surface.

    PETER Diving System is simple and ideal for first-time divers as young as eight, also suitable for the elderly and handicapped.

    Even if you are an experienced snorkeler or diver, you will be surprised at the feeling of freedom & comfort while you dive without tanks on your back.

    Below a short summary of the advantages of working with this innovative concept that is aligned with the highest standards of technology (EN250 certified) and the WRSTC (Specialty course approved by council member training agencies).


    Most dive centers are not exploiting the middle market between snorkeling and SCUBA diving. PETER Diving is not a substitute of snorkeling or SCUBA but a new revenue stream coming from the largest target groups. Adding the PETER Diving concept to your diving operation will encourage snorkelers to progress to SCUBA diving via this safe and enjoyable transitional experience. An easy upsell to stimulate your internal sales!


    The average selling price per tour is US $89. The average selling price for a photo package is US $32. Retail net prices with 35% discount for systems and 10% in accessories. 

    Estimate your break even time and profit you can make using the financial simulation in the end of our business site =>

    Oh! Did we mention that 70% of our sales in 2018 were delivered to private and charter yachts? There is also a great opportunity of retailing our products and trainings to the crews and owners of yachts for entertainment of the guests, yacht maintenance and solving underwater emergencies. All in the lightest and most compact diving system out in the market.


    Try PETER Diving does best as an upsell activity in diving centers and resorts, ecoparks, entertainment complexes and water park attractions where the infrastructure is already set like the ones below, but also can be setup as a standalone operation and it works great in yacht charters.


    All trade customers and business clients such as dive centers or yacht charters receive free of cost a series of services and materials from our company to support their return and rise brand awareness:

    • 2 Year warranty
    • No royalties or any hidden expenses
    • Consultancy session for efficient integration
    • Instructor to instructor training session
    • Teaching and promotional materials
    • Listing in official website
    • Use of PETER Diving System® brand
    • Social media & blog posts


    Endorsed by diving operations world-wide:

    "What is also very important for us apart from quality, is that PETER Diving System has a strict maintenance and learning system what makes this activity suitable for the hotels we work with, also granting coverage by insurance companies. After the pilot experience in Spain we are considering expanding our offer to other markets such as Egypt, the Maldives, Thailand, Oman and Mauritius, since we see in these markets a great possibility of development in tourism." José Valverde, CEO EURO-DIVERS WORLDWIDE.

    "PETER Diving System is an innovative and eye-catching product. All our public enjoy themselves and are always very satisfied to dive with this new concept. It’s the perfect upsell for users that normally practice snorkeling, preparing them to progress in their SCUBA education. PETER Diving International is a valuable and professional partner for us. We are very satisfied with the after-sales assistance." Michele Ucchedu, President at BLUE DISCOVERY (Italy).

    "We have been doing about 3 trips a week with it. Works really well with kids. We have a snuba center half mile down the road on a snorkel boat, but we seem to be doing better!"  William Strayer, SEAMONKEYS [USA].

    Check the entire list of growing destinations to Try PETER Diving here =>

    We'd love to discuss this opportunity for collaboration further, click here to book a meeting with us at DEMA Show 2019.

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