DEMA Show 2019 | November 13–16, 2019 | Orange County Convention Center | Orlando, FL


for everyone and anyone who is passionate about the diving industry. Whether you’re a loyal attendee or this is your first DEMA Show, the Show is a MUST-attend event if you want to experience the latest industry trends and develop business and professional relationships in a face-to-face setting unlike any other.


275+ Education Sessions

26% of attendees are NEW to DEMA Show each year

85% of attendees come to DEMA Show to evaluate and demo new products

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About Australia 937
African and Oriental Travel Co. 1232
Aggressor Adventures 1115
Alam Batu 814
All Star Liveaboard 1915, 2014
All West Apartment & Diving 1128
Amira 802
Andean Travel Company - Galapagos Cruises & Liveaboards 2066
Anthony's Key Resort 1143
Aqua Case, Inc 824
Aqua Safari 546
Aqualis Dive Center 1369
Aquaworld 343
Backscatter uw Video & Photo 521
Barbados Tourism Marketing, Inc. 1211
Belize Sea & Explore, Inc. 950
Belize Underwater 613
Beqa Adventure Divers 2116
Beqa Lagoon Resort 934
Bill Beard's Diving Safaris Costa Rica 1124
Bimini Scuba Center 2002
Bimini Water Adventures 2003
Blue Bay Curaçao 1133
Blue Green Expeditions 1322
Bonaire Hotel & Tourism Assn 1034
Bottom Time Scuba 1146
British Virgin Islands Tourist Board 1120
Cabañas on Clark's Cay 1151
Captain Don's Habitat 1020
Caradonna Dive Adventures, Inc. 1121
Caribbean Dive Tours 855
Casa Del Mar Cozumel 1328
China Scuba Diving 2107
Cuba Scuba Tours 908
Curacao Hospitality and Tourism Association. 1130 Take me to the Facebook Fan pageTake me to the Twitter home page
Deep Blue Adventures 725 Take me to the Facebook Fan page
Dimi Scuba Cozumel Link 2160
Discovery Fleet Corp 2436
Dive Industry Foundation 447
Dive Nirvana Incorporated 600 Take me to the Facebook Fan pageTake me to the Twitter home page
Dive Provo 1010 534
Diver Group 1006
Dominican Republic Tourism Board 1001
Dream Weaver Travel 907
ECO Divers 811
Florida Public Archaeology Network 2406
Fly & Sea Dive Adventures 845
Franko Maps, Ltd. 538
Galapagos Sky 746
Garden Island Resort 924 Take me to the Facebook Fan page
Georgia Aquarium, Inc. 1047
Greater Fort Lauderdale CVB 2412
Grenada Tourism Authority 1208
Handicapped Scuba Association 767
Hotel Guanaja 1139
IANTD 2433 Take me to the Facebook Fan page
Indepth Watersports 1246
Indigo Safaris Ltd. 1045
International Training 2035
Island Dreams Travel 1221
Kelptree 502
Kids Sea Camp Inc. 2023
Lembeh Resort 716
Lita's Natural Insect Repellent 655
Luxury Yacht Maldives by Albatros Top Boat International 415
Maduro Dive Fanta-Seas 1215
Maldives & Red Sea Blue Force Fleet 1007
Manthiri Maldives 2454
Martinique Tourism Authority 1101
Mayan Princess Beach & Dive Resort 1154
Misool Eco Resort 708
Ocean Encounters Diving 1324
Ocean Geographic 320, 323
Ocean Quest adventures 316
Oceanwide Expeditions 616
Pacific Dive and Travel 1228
Palace Resorts 544
Paradise Beach Hotel 1148 Take me to the Facebook Fan pageTake me to the Company Profile on LinkedinTake me to the Twitter home page
PDOT Philippine Department of Tourism 2042
Pindito 715
Poseidon Dive Adventures 1042
PT Ocean Explorers 710
Quest Dive Adventures 900
Red Sail Sports Grand Cayman 1254
Reef & Rainforest 842
Reef Smart Guides 2106 Take me to the Facebook Fan pageTake me to the Twitter home page
Roatan Charter 1152
Russian Dive Magazine The Ultimate Depth (Underwater Ltd.) 2439
Safari Tours & Travel 817
Saint Lucia Tourist Board 1432
Sam's Tours 1239
Sand Dollar Condominium Resort 1024
Scuba Travel Ventures 1161
Sea Saba 1343
Sea Safari Cruises 815
Singapore Airlines 813
Sipadan Water Village Resort 737 Take me to the Facebook Fan pageTake me to the Twitter home page
South Pacific Island Travel 922
Squba Holidays 904
Subone Co., Ltd 345
Sunset House 1243
Taveuni Dive 932
Tobago Tourism Agency Limited 1109
Tourism Solomons 931
Ultimate Fiji Vacations 928
Ulysses Multihull Adventures 604
Utila Lodge 1149
Villa Candi Matahari 500
VIP Diving Bonaire 1036
Volivoli Beach Resort 926
Waidroka Bay Resort 929
World Dive Adventures/Caribbean Adventures 742
World of Diving 1237
Yucatan Dive Trek 643