DEMA Show 2019 | November 13–16, 2019 | Orange County Convention Center | Orlando, FL


for everyone and anyone who is passionate about the diving industry. Whether you’re a loyal attendee or this is your first DEMA Show, the Show is a MUST-attend event if you want to experience the latest industry trends and develop business and professional relationships in a face-to-face setting unlike any other.


275+ Education Sessions

26% of attendees are NEW to DEMA Show each year

85% of attendees come to DEMA Show to evaluate and demo new products

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Category: Products (Suits (Wet, Dry Thermal Exposure))

American Dive Company 2643
Aqua Lung 571, 663, 773
Aquaspro Sports & Leisure Co. Ltd. 2442
Atenovo Garments(Yangzhou) Co.,Ltd. 652
Baja Diving and Watersports, LLC 509
Beuchat International 2651
Body Glove 1537
Cane Bay Dive Shop 1008
China Dive WaterSports, Inc 2672
Cressi 1520
Curacao Hospitality and Tourism Association. 1130 Take me to the Facebook Fan pageTake me to the Twitter home page
Delfins Beach Resort Bonaire 1023
Dive Friends Bonaire 1022
Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino 1021
Diving Unlimited International, Inc. 1635 Take me to the Facebook Fan pageTake me to the Company Profile on Linkedin
Dongguan City Guoyang Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. 1365
Doni Co., Ltd. 2034
Edge Hog Dive Gear 2733
Fourth Element 1813
Gear Aid 1336
Halcyon Manufacturing 2161
HammerHead Spearguns 2335
Henderson Aquatics, Inc. 1821
Hotel Guanaja 1139
Huai'an Boshi Sports Products Co., Ltd. 2310
Huish Outdoors 360, 372, 373
Inter Ocean Co., Ltd. 875
IST Sports Corp 1314
Jako Chemicals Co., Ltd. 963
JBL International 1442
Kinugawa Corporation 2151
Living Onelove 730
Manta Industries/Highseas Millwork 2532
Maverick America 1067
Mermaid Protector AG 1371 Take me to the Facebook Fan page
Nam Liong (USA) Inc. 2135
Nanjing Unique Import and Export Co., Ltd 647
O'Neill Wetsuits 2036
O'Three LTD 2751
Petatech International Co., Ltd. 2543
Pinnacle Aquatics 353
Poseidon Diving Systems AB 2169
ProBlue International Corp. 2453
Rain Retail 467
Ratio Computers LLC 2267
ScubaDoRag 760
ScubaForce USA 2536
Seac 1321
SF Tech Sarl 2729
Shenzhen Ocean Culture Creation & Promotion Co. Ltd. 2315
Shenzhen Seaskin Sports Goods Co., Ltd. 2305 Take me to the Facebook Fan page
Sherwood Scuba 2461
Sherwood Scuba 2460
SK Outdoor Sports Manufacturing Ltd. 2114
SlipIns Diveskins 1270
Soprassub Americas, Inc. 2320, 1350, 2225
Splash Dive Center 946
Subone Co., Ltd 345
TABATA USA, Inc. 1449, 1349, 1352
The Pearl Resort 930
Tilos, Inc. 951
Titex Vertriebs-GmbH 752
Triton Diving Equipment Corp. 2234
Truli Wetsuits 2110
Tsun Kuang Hardware Mfg. Co. Ltd. 861
Venture Heat 2510 Take me to the Facebook Fan page
Wananavu Beach Resort 853
Weezle Diving Services 2720
Zhong Qian (GZ) Aquatic Sports Equipment Co., Ltd 748