Congratulations to the 2015 Reaching Out Award Recipients

Celebrate their achievements at the DEMA Awards Party.

Jim Gatacre

Dr. Richard Vann

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Reaching Out Award Presented at DEMA Show 2015 Awards Party

The Reaching Out Award was first presented in 1989. Since inception the intent of the Award has been to recognize individuals who have made a significant contribution to the sport of diving by “reaching out” in some special way to improve the sport for everyone.

The Reaching Out Award has become more than recognition of individual achievements; it has become the industry’s HALL OF FAME. Those so recognized are the leaders and heroes of our sport, making diving what it is today. Some may have greater name recognition than others, but each, in their own way, is as important to the development of diving as any other.

The Award is presented annually at DEMA's Awards Party. Learn more about DEMA's Reaching Out Award and the DEMA Show 2015 Awards Party now.

2014 Reaching Out Award Winners

Patrick Hammer

Alese & Morton Pechter